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SAP2000 – V12– Features & Enhancements List

Computers & Structures, Inc. is proud to announce the release of SAP2000, version 12. The innovative enhancements in this version are categorized below. This fully integrated product for the modeling, analysis and design of structures continues to be available in three levels: Basic, Plus and Advanced.

SAP2000 – V12– Features & Enhancements List

Computers & Structures, Inc. is proud to announce the release of SAP2000, version 12. The innovative enhancements in this version are categorized below. This fully integrated product for the modeling, analysis and design of structures continues to be available in three levels: Basic, Plus and Advanced.

Please contact sales@csiberkeley.com (sales@csiberkeley.com) for more information.

MODEL-ALIVE™ Option in
Show me how Model-Alive works
http://csiberkeley.com/Watch&Learn/Model_Alive_V12S.wmv (http://csiberkeley.com/Watch&Learn/Model_Alive_V12S.wmv)

• True to our tradition, we are once again advancing the state-of-the-art of numerical analysis with the introduction of the Model-Alive™ feature in SAPFIRE™ ~ CSI's Analytical Engine. Taking advantage of current advances in numerical methods and hardware technology, this option provides instantaneous re-analysis and updating of the displays following any change the user makes to the model.

Multi-Processor / Multi-Threading Analysis Solvers

• Fast, fast, fast analysis times and unmatched solution capacity
• New 64 bit multi-processing/multi-threading algorithms

(Bridge Information Modeler) Enhancements
Show me how BrIM works
http://csiberkeley.com/Watch&Learn/BrIM_V12S.wmv (http://csiberkeley.com/Watch&Learn/BrIM_V12S.wmv)

• Design for AASHTO LRFD 2007 added for concrete box girder bridges
- Checks include, shear, flexure and principal-stress
Show me Concrete Box Girder Design
http://csiberkeley.com/Watch&Learn/Bridge_Design_V12S.wmv (http://csiberkeley.com/Watch&Learn/Bridge_Design_V12S.wmv)

• Additional AASHTO, Caltrans and JTG vehicles are now available
• BrIM allows temperature loading including nonlinear thermal gradients
• Enhanced BrIM wizard with more detail and guidance
• Templates now have a quick BrIM option for instantaneous bridge model generation
• Enhanced and simplified span definitions
• Improved abutments with separate bearings, abutment seat and soil properties
• Improved bents, allowing single or dual sets of bearings
• Superstructure may be continuous or discontinuous over bents
• Enhanced control of location, alignment, and properties of bearings
• Enhanced control over restrainers at abutments, bents, and hinges

Staged Construction Enhancements
Show me staged-construction using Gantt charts
http://csiberkeley.com/Watch&Learn/Staged_Bridge_Sched_V12S.wmv (http://csiberkeley.com/Watch&Learn/Staged_Bridge_Sched_V12S.wmv)

• Automatic generation of staged-construction stages using standard Gantt charts
• Stage construction groups may now be defined as part of the bridge object
• Control is by individual objects as well as by groups
• Frame end release assignments can be changed
• Property modifiers for frames, tendons and shells can be changed
• Section properties for frames, tendons and shells can be changed

Section Designer Enhancements

• Moment curvature curve and PMM interaction surface for arbitrary fiber sections
• Enhanced control over material properties, including Mander model for all sections
• Graphical User Interface allows for overlapping shapes and improved Boolean operations
• Properties for concrete-only sections, steel encased sections and steel-only sections
• Properties for CalTrans bridge sections, with or without prestressing tendons
• Enhanced performance and efficiency

New Analysis and Design Code Related Enhancements

• Hyperstatic analysis for secondary effects of prestressing forces
• Soil (area) springs can now be tension-only or compression-only springs
• AISC 360-05/IBC2006 steel-frame design code, with seismic provisions
• Direct Analysis Method of AISC 360-05 code
- Includes small P-delta effect
- Automated inclusion of stiffness modification factors, with user control
- Design-decision guidance on when Direct Analysis Method is needed
• CAN/CSA-S16-01 steel-frame design code, including seismic provisions
• Enhanced design of eccentrically braced frames for AISC 360-05/IBC 2006
• Canadian NBCC 2005 wind loads, seismic loads, and response-spectrum functions
• Load combinations can be converted to nonlinear load cases for advanced design
• Improved automated load combinations for design
• Enhanced display of failure modes for steel-frame design
• Open structure wind loading for the API 4F 2008 code

Automated, Predefined and Customized Report Generation

• Quick and easy generation of final printed reports with complete user control
• Cover sheet identifying project, user and company
• Formatted tables of model definition, analysis and design results
• Typical graphical displays of the model
• Output sheets of detailed design information

Other Enhancements to the Graphical User Interface (GUI)

• User created documents now can be accessed through the SAP2000 Help menu
• Export of geometry and element connectivity to CSI Perform-3D
• Enhanced import of input files from STAAD.Pro, GTSTRUDL, NASTRAN, etc.
• DXF export for finite element stress contour arrows for 2D and 3D views
• Export structural model data for use with soil-structure interaction product, SASSI
• Faster graphical user interface and enhanced OpenGL graphics

Enhanced Open Application Programming Interface (OAPI) is now Free

• The OAPI for SAP2000 provides developers of products for CADD and 3D modeling seamless and efficient access to all of the sophisticated analysis and design technology of SAP2000. The OAPI can now be used in two different ways. First, OAPI tools developed by third parties can be accessed by the SAP2000 GUI as external plug-ins. Second, using the OAPI, third-party developers can transfer model information to and from SAP2000, trigger the SAP2000 execution and extract analysis and design information from SAP2000, all from within their application. The OAPI feature is now free with every SAP2000 license.

Minimum and Recommended System Requirements

• Processor: Minimum: Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64. Recommended: Intel Core 2 Duo,
AMD Athlon 64 X2, or better (see notes 1 and 2 below)
• Operating System: Microsoft® Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or Microsoft® Windows
Vista, 32- and 64-bit versions. (see notes 3 and 4 below)
• Memory: Minimum: 1 GB for XP O/S, 2 GB for Vista O/S. Recommended: 2 to 4 GB for
32-bit O/S, 4 GB or more for 64-bit O/S. (see note 5 below)
• Disk Space: 6 GB to install the program, additional space required for running and
storing model files and analysis results.
• Video Card: Supporting 1024 by 768 resolution and 16 bits colors. Recommended: discrete
video card with ATI / NVIDIA GPU & dedicated graphics RAM. (see note 6 below)


1) To be able to take advantage of the features of the newer CPU's, SAP2000 v12 will not run on
some of the older CPU's from Intel and AMD. A CPU that has SSE2 support is now required.
2) SAPfire™ Analytical Engine now includes a multi-threaded solver that can take
advantage of the newer multi-core CPUs.
3) Support for Microsoft® Windows 2000 and Microsoft® Windows NT has been discontinued.
Microsoft® Windows XP without Service Pack 2 may cause unexpected problems
when running SAP2000 v12.
4) With a 64 bit operating system, SAPFIRE™ Analytical Engine can utilize more than 4 GB of
RAM, making it possible to more efficiently solve larger problems.
5) The problem size that can be solved & the solution speed increases considerably with more
RAM. Vista requires more RAM than XP for the operating system itself.
6) OpenGL graphics mode fully utilizes the hardware acceleration provided by a GPU
& dedicated graphics RAM.

SAP2000 v12 Features Categorized by Levels Click Here
http://csiberkeley.com/SAP2000_news/v12/SAP2k_Features_08.pdf (http://csiberkeley.com/SAP2000_news/v12/SAP2k_Features_08.pdf)

For further information contact CSI sales department at:

Telephone: 510 649-2200, Option 1
email: sales@csiberkeley.com (sales@csiberkeley.com) or visit: http://csiberkeley.com/sales_products.html (http://csiberkeley.com/sales_products.html)


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Tel: (510) 649-2200 • Fax: (510) 649-2299

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